Slips & Trips Training
from £19.95

Slips Trips and Falls account for a huge number of lost time and reportable accidents within the workplace and you can help to redcue this with an online compliance training course that is ideal for induction or refresher training for all your staff.

Reduce the risk at work from common causes found in and around the workplace and train your staff on how to identify potential hazards before an accident occurs.

Slips Trips and Falls can be reduced in the work place by applying common sense and with adequate staff training you can make a start to introducing  your staff to a safer working environment.

What the course provides:

  • Why slips, trips and falls are an issue for everyone
  • What the law says and current legislation
  • How slips, trips and falls happen
  • How to prevent slips, trips and falls in the workplace with good housekeeping, floor quality, correct footwear and taking care of yourself personally at work
  • Safety precautions
  • Making your workplace a safer place for you and your colleagues