Noise at Work Training
from £19.95

Noisy working environments are common in a wide range of different industries so how do you know you are at risk or do you know what to look for?

If you and your employees work in such an environment where there is a risks to Healthy and Safety that could cause long-term health defects, such as hearing loss, then this course covering the control of noise at work regulations has been designed to offer you advice and help in how to manage noise at work. It also outlines the dangers of noise in the workplace, and how you can reduce the risks.

If you work in an environment in which noisy machinery or tools are regularly used or employees have to raise their voice to communicate with you or colleagues, then you may have a noise problem!

There are obvious risks to people’s hearing and other associated safety issues that can arise as a result of Noise in the workplace.  It is the duty of your employer to ensure that employees are protected from noise risk, this also includes training.

This eLearning course covers in detail all aspects of working safely for those people working in any environment where noise levels are high and considered potentially hazardous to health.

What the course provides:

  • Understand how dangerous excessive noise can be to hearing
  • Learn how to reduce and control the risks of noise at work
  • Gain practical and cost effective ways to protect your hearing
  • Understand more about the legal obligations and regulations
  • How to recognise typical working environments that could pose hearing damage risks
  • Show how to analyse your workplace for potential causes of hearing damage
  • Identify how to spot early symptoms of noise damage
  • Demonstrate how to ensure your workplace has the necessary preventative measures in place