Manual Handling Training
from £19.95

This online Manual Handling training course is a comprehensive online training module showing the correct and incorrect moves and techniques for general day to day lifting i the workplace.

This moving and handling course is ideal for staff induction or refresher training in any department and comes coupled complete with a free to use risk assessment module to hep you ensure both safety and legislative training compliancy.

This course provides clear and concise information along with questions around manual handing and how it is to be applied and carried out within the workplace.

What the course provides:

  • Identify the legislation that applies to moving and handling and describe the responsibilities employees and their employers have
  • Understand the risk assessment process
  • Understand the importance of good posture and exercise to back care
  • Explain and use the principals of safe moving and handling
  • Have an awareness of and be able to demonstrate some common moving and handling techniques
  • Have an awareness of your responsibilities for ensuring good maintenance of mechanical aids in the workplace
  • Know and demonstrate approved techniques for moving and handling common objects relevant to your work
  • Be able to safely demonstrate the use of mechanical aids available in your workplace