Fire Safety in the Workplace Training Course
from £19.95

The course is a very comprehensive training module designed to offer an in depth approach to fire safety in the workplace. All aspects of fire safety from prevention to reaction is covered, including instructions to the various types of equipment your staff are likely to find onsite.

It has also won several awards for its content and educational value in fire prevention and fire safety training at all levels.

This is a Fire Authority Approved Fire Safety Training module, and will complement your needs for staff training under the RRO Fire Safety Reform Order: Fire safety training for your staff has never been so engaging; at last you can train your entire workforce in fire safety and fire prevention training via a choice of low cost options.

Course Content

The Fire safety in Industry and Commerce online training course has the following key content and sections

  • The fundamentals of Fire

  • Fire prevention and reducing risk

  • Understanding Fire Classification in detail

  • What to do in an emergency

  • Extinguisher operation and fire safety equipment

  • The importance of fire doors and fire exits

  • Section missions and knowledge checks

  • Final assessment

This course is suitable for all staff who work in any type of Industry or Commerce business sector, from, Manufacturing, Retail, Office, etc.

This course is also suitable for those who are deemed as Duty Holders. Dedicated content also includes information on the legislation which places a duty on building managers to protect people and help reduce exposure to undue risk associated with fire within various premises.