Join us on this Interview with pm Connections' Marie Dobson

June 30, 2022

Name: Marie Dobson.

What is your job role at pm Connections?

My first role was as a H&S professional but since August 2021 I have worked as a Business Systems and Compliance Manager. This new post gives me the opportunity to use my both my education in business and qualifications in health and safety, which I really enjoy.
I have worked at pmC for six years.

What are your main responsibilities?

My role is varied and split between client work and looking after internal business systems, and both internal and external compliance. I lead our Machine Safety Services, conduct the H&S Support Services and am the Principal Designer on various projects.

I work closely with Stuart and Belinda, taking part in strategic business decisions and developing our internal management systems for the health and safety services that we deliver.

pm Connections - Marie Dobson - Principal Designer pm Connections - Marie Dobson - Health and Safety Support Services

What is a typical day (or week) like at pm Connections for you?

No week is the same for me. They vary from assessing large machinery production lines anywhere in the UK to working from home developing our Principal Contractor H&S Management System or writing a H&S policy or a procedure for a client.

What do you like most about your work?

Preventing people from suffering from ill-health and getting injured in their workplaces. I also enjoy my role at pmC as the variety of projects and collaborating with different clients allows me to experience a wide range of workplaces, construction sites and factories.

What problems do you deal with?

I support our clients with a variety of challenges within the world of health and safety depending on what they might require us to help them with. My background is in construction health and safety, although now I am more involved in machine and general health and safety requirements.

What decisions do you make?

Just like the problems I encounter, the decisions taken vary depending on what I am working on. Internal tasks involving the business, risk assessments, conducting an audit or an inspection for a client all require different decision-making.

How did you become interested in this field, and how did you begin your career?

My interest in business started when I was in college or ‘Gymnasiet’ as we call it in Sweden where I am born and bread. My interest in health and safety started whilst studying for my business degree here in the UK. I secured a part-time job as a H&S administrator and my interest grew from there.

What skills, abilities, and personal attributes are essential to success in your job?

Interpersonal, teamwork and leadership skills, attention-to-detail, personal drive, and initiative are all key. Being able to work independently, having management and organisational skills, being able to prioritise tasks to meet deadlines, having the flexibility to manage new situations and changing work schedules are essential.

On a lighter note, a good sense of direction and being able to find places when travelling, especially in a town or a city with an awkward one-way system are invaluable! All I will say is that I have lived and learned 😊

What is the strangest request, hardest job, funniest moment, or most satisfying job you have had or worked on at pm Connections?

My most satisfying job is when I was collaborating with a client who just wanted a risk assessment conducting, only to then implement a new H&S management system for them. The satisfying part of the process was working with them closely, making them realise the importance of managing health and safety in the workplace and the benefits that come with implementing standardised systems, training, and information. Also, changing the working environment to a positive health and safety culture.

pm Connections - Marie Dobson - Bike Riding

What hobbies/interests do you enjoy outside work?

In my spare time I enjoy running and keeping fit. I love baking, cooking, and dancing around in the kitchen doing a professional mum dance 😉! I am interested in sport, and I love watching and supporting my kids in their activities. I am not a city person; it is all about nature for me.

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