At pm Connections, our teams have been keeping businesses in Lancashire and Cheshire fully compliant with health and safety regulations for since 2005.

Protect your business and employees with a comprehensive health and safety policy

Workplace health and safety compliance can be a difficult field to navigate, particularly if you’ve never been responsible for ensuring your company’s compliance before, and if you’re a business owner with more than four employees, you will be required by law to have a written health and safety policy in place for the protection of your staff. This is where the pm Connections team can help.

With the delivery of a quality and professional service high on our list of priorities, our teams have been drafting bespoke, properly thought out health and safety policies for almost two decades, for clients operating across all sectors and industries, including manufacturing, engineering, construction, textiles, utilities, and food and drink.

When you choose to work with us, our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive yet concise health and safety policy which acknowledges your ways of working, accounting for all potential risks and offering pragmatic solutions for the set-up and maintenance of an effective health and safety management system, so that you can ensure your workforce remains protected, and your business fully compliant.


What’s covered: 

In trusting the pm Connections team to draft the health and safety policy for your business, you can rest assured that all of the key aspects for compliance will be covered, including:

  • Your statement of intent, outlining your commitments and objectives for the implementation, management, and review of your health and safety policy and processes
  • The details surrounding who will be responsible for implementing and managing specific actions to ensure your company can continue to meet these objectives
  • The plans for how you intend to do this in practice, including details for specific procedures


Key benefits:

When it comes to health and safety for businesses, it’s important to remember that, whilst standard policy templates do exist, purchasing one won’t automatically make your business health and safety compliant. Your health and safety policy also needs to be implemented effectively, so it’s key that your policy accurately reflects the ways of working that might be individual to you as a company.

Investing in a professional service for the drafting and implementation of your company’s health and safety policy offers a number of key benefits, including:

  • Guaranteed accuracy and suitability, as your policy will be drafted in accordance with the outcomes obtained from a detailed workplace audit and any feedback and insight gained from current employees
  • A bespoke, robust, and comprehensive policy, as the health and safety specialists working on your policy will work hard to ensure everything included is specific to your business, and nothing is missed

Health & safety auditing and gap analysis reporting 

Your health and safety policy and arrangements should be reviewed whenever any changes are made to your business or the way it operates, or in the event of a near-miss or accident, in order to ensure your policy remains appropriate for your business, in turn keeping you compliant with all current legislation.

At pm Connections, we offer a comprehensive service for the review and updating of health and safety policies and practices, conducting health and safety audits for clients across all sectors and industries, in Lancashire and beyond.

Why choose pm Connections? 

With a commitment to maintaining long-standing client relationships at the heart of our work, at pm Connections, we take pride in the quality of our service, and will work closely alongside you to determine your business needs and develop a comprehensive and pragmatic health and safety model.

Our team can also help you to communicate with your team in order to implement your new health and safety policy and apply best practices, so that you can ensure your operations remain fully compliant with current regulations, protecting your workforce and your business.