Health & Safety Auditing and Gap Analysis

At pm Connections, we’ve been providing comprehensive health and safety audits and detailed gap analysis reporting for clients across the North West since 2005.

Comprehensive and reliable health & safety auditing

The team at pm Connections has extensive experience in delivering health and safety auditing services for clients across all sectors and industries, including manufacturing, engineering, construction, textiles, utilities, and food and drink. 

Committed to delivering a professional service with a personal touch, our health and safety audits are conducted with the core aim being to minimise risk to your employees, ensuring safety in the workplace, and helping you to optimise your operations with the development of a comprehensive health and safety policy for your business.

Key benefits:

Your health and safety policy and arrangements should be reviewed whenever any changes are made to your business or the way it operates, including if you move premises, hire new team members, or incorporate new machinery or equipment, or in the event of updates made to legislation. 

Investing in a professional health and safety audit on a regular basis offers a host of benefits, allowing you to: 

  • Ensure your health and safety processes are consistently monitored and reviewed
  • Remain compliant with all current legislation and regulations 
  • Optimise your business health and safety processes, procedures and operations 
  • Demonstrate your investment into employee wellbeing 
  • Minimise the risk of injury or illness for your members of staff

What we review:

When it comes to completing health and safety audits, there are a number of key questions our team members will keep in mind throughout the assessment, including: 

  • Are the procedures and systems currently in place correct, sufficient, and delivering the required information and outcomes?
  • Does the current health and safety policy comply with all relevant regulations to offer appropriate protection for workers and their wellbeing? 
  • Are there any areas in which health and safety procedures could be improved to enable the workforce to operate more efficiently whilst continuing to meet compliance requirements?

Gap analysis reporting:

With the aim being to help your business become as efficient in its operations as possible, our teams conduct thorough gap analysis, assessing all aspects of health and safety and considering current ways of working, whilst also taking into account future business goals, to help you in identifying key areas for improvement within your health and safety management. 

Outlining the results in a detailed gap analysis report, we aim to provide pragmatic solutions in order to see you achieve your long-term objectives.

Why choose pm Connections?

The team at pm Connections remains committed to establishing and maintaining long-standing working relationships with each of our clients, and will work closely alongside you to determine your business needs and develop a comprehensive and pragmatic health and safety model which can be easily implemented in order to ensure your operations remain fully compliant with current guidelines and regulations.