After conducting a detailed fire risk assessment, our teams can help you to develop and implement a fire safety policy which keeps your staff and visitors safe on site.

Providing a comprehensive fire safety policy for your business 

As the owner of a business, there are a number of responsibilities that will sit on your shoulders, one of which involves appointing a responsible person to manage all aspects of fire safety for your business. If no one is appointed, this responsibility automatically falls to you, and will involve you taking all necessary actions to ensure your staff, customers, visitors, or tenants are protected from the risks of fire in your property or workplace.

When it comes to ensuring fire safety in the workplace, nothing can be done without a thorough fire risk assessment first having been completed; one which identifies all potential risks and outlines the processes that are in place to minimise such risks, and protect those on site.

What’s covered: 

In completing your fire risk assessment, we will make sure that all aspects outlined in the current legislation are covered, ensuring that:

  • The passageway(s) to all escape routes are clear
  • All escape routes are clearly marked, and are as short and direct as possible
  • There are enough emergency exits and routes in the property to ensure everyone on site can evacuate safely
  • All emergency doors are legally compliant
  • All emergency lighting is functional, with a schedule in place for emergency lighting checks
  • All employees are appropriately trained and know the locations of the escape routes and how they should use them
  • There is a staff meeting point established, which is safe and has been communicated to all employees
  • People with mobility issues, be them staff members or visitors to your facility, have been accounted for and any special arrangements to allow for safe evacuation have been made

Completing a fire risk assessment for your business

Conducting a fire risk assessment of your property is vital to ensure the safety of the staff working on site, and doing so will help you to identify the actions that need to be taken in order to prevent the risk of fire, and keep people safe in the event of an emergency.

Keeping a written record of your fire risk assessment is a legal requirement if your business has five or more employees.

With over a decade of experience in providing health and safety support to businesses of all sizes across the North West, the team here at pm Connections are well versed in the legislation surrounding fire safety in the workplace, and will conduct a thorough fire risk assessment in order to accurately identify the potential fire hazards that are present, taking into account the various needs of the people who may be at risk should a fire break out, in order to deliver pragmatic solutions which minimise fire risk and clearly outline the actions that should be taken in the event of a fire.

Why choose pm Connections?

In addition to carrying out comprehensive fire risk assessments and compiling detailed fire safety policies to see your business remain fully compliant, our teams can also assist with implementing your health and safety procedures and disseminating the information amongst your team to ensure best practices are adopted.

Additionally, wherever there is room for improvement, our teams are available to deliver health and safety and fire safety training, both on-site and online, so that you can rest assured that your teams are fully informed and prepared should they ever face a fire emergency.