Our teams can help you ensure you and your team members are protected with safely-fitted face masks, protecting you and your business

What is Face Fit testing?

Face fit testing is a vital component of workplace health and safety because it ensures the respiratory apparatus is used properly protecting the wearer.

Face fit testing examines whether the mask is tight-fitting and forms an adequate seal around the person’s face. Correctly fitting face masks require unbroken contact between the wearer’s skin and the seal of the mask. A poorly fitting mask will significantly reduce the protection provided and increase the risks to health.

Individuals’ facial features vary in shape and size, so one mask will not fit all. The face fit test will identify what type of mask is suitable. The type of face fit testing will depend on the respiratory protective equipment (RPE) being used. Our friendly and professional specialists can assess all filtering facepieces, including half and full-face respirators.

How often should businesses complete Face Fit testing?

Most companies set their own policies regarding the frequency of face fit testing. For some it’s every six months, while others opt for yearly or every two years. If circumstances alter within the allotted period, it may be necessary to re-test. For example, any changes to facial features, including weight loss or gain, surgery or dental work could alter the fit of the RPE.

Why choose pm Connections to carry out your Face Fit testing?

pm Connections are Fit2Fit accredited by the British Safety Industry Federation – the only UK competency scheme supported by the Health and Safety Executive. The face fitting test consists of two parts. It examines the wearer’s ability to taste bitter and sweet substances without the mask, and ensures the seal between mask and the worker remains unbroken while conducting their daily routine.

Our team of respiratory specialists have amassed a wealth of expertise through continuous training. pm Connections are independent RPE specialists, which have been delivering impartial advice and guidance since 2005. We provide technical advice and demonstrate how to wear RPE correctly. Our expectations are high, and we take pride in delivering all testing seamlessly.

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