Case Study – UKCA Marking

The Regulations make it an offence for a ‘responsible person’ to supply machinery, partly-completed machinery or safety components unless they comply with the Regulations, (i.e. they have the requisite Technical File, Declaration of Conformity, EC Type-examination certificate, Declaration of Incorporation as appropriate), UKCA / CE marked and is in fact ‘safe’.

Case Study for Acrivarn – How do we do it?

pm Connections Ltd prides itself with our machine compliance.  As well as providing PUWER assessments, CE and UKCA requirements is a key strength to the business.  Our internal specialists are trained internally and through Pilz to gain CMSE (Certified Machine Safety Expert).  Our systems and experience are well proven time after time and this makes pm Connections the “go to” company for your machinery safety needs.

 pmC delivered their one day UKCA training course to help the Acrivarn team understand more about what lies behind the whole UKCA / CE requirements.

For this case study, you can also read a more in-depth profile by clicking here

Why use pmC?

After 17 years in the industry, we understand the health and safety responsibilities of Business Owners, Directors and Managers and can help you balance these challenges with your competing business demands. Our specialist teams will work in partnership with you to implement pragmatic solutions, proportionate to your business risk and tailored to your unique needs.


“We are a small family owned manufacturing company based in Leeds, we all wear many hats and try to juggle most aspects of the business – we have been established since 1967 and have so far have managed to navigate our way through many challenges and ever changing demands on our in-house expertise.  The subject of CE marking will have been a discussion point for many or most manufacturing companies, we decided it was a step too far for us to manage the change from CE to UKCA and so decided to look for assistance. ”


“We were very fortunate to find pm Connections, the work we have completed so far has been so well supported by Marie Dobson and the Team at pmC – I would use the word seamless.  Everything is explained in a language we understand and systems have been implemented that we can keep updated in-house which from a cost saving point of view was an important requirement – the platform is excellent.  We still have work to do which we are confident will be done well in advance of the government deadlines – a huge thank you to pmC”.

Susan Cope – Managing Director